20 things only a person who loves cooking will understand!

Though almost everyone loves to eat, hardly a few enjoy the art of cooking. Not everyone has the skills to cook yummy food like you do! :) Here are 20 things only people who love to cook (us!) can understand.

1. You love fresh vegetables!



2. You really wish to try all the Masalas (spices) available in the market!

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3. You love your trips to the grocery store!

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4. You cook extra food and bring it to work for your friends who don’t know how to cook.

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5. Whenever anyone throws a house party, you are the one who is in charge of the food that needs to be cooked. 



6. You insist on hosting potlucks at work.


7. You have every Indian state specialty in your cooking menu!



8. You love crockery more than jewellery! And every week their is a new addition to your kitchen shelf!



9. Your smelling instincts know every aroma that comes from the neighbors!

smelling food
“I can smell Lemon Chicken!!!”


And you mostly want to eat them too.

i want it in my mouthSource


10. You love to self-acclaim your cooking skills by offering your dishes to your dear ones!

self acclaim the things you cookSource



11. Your reading shelf is full of culinary books from Tarla Dalal to Julia Childs!

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12. One of the items in your to do list is to visit every restaurant kitchen one day!



13. To you, garnishing coriander leaves on a dish is equal to adding that final touch to a precious art!

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14. Your kitchen area has a blend of aroma dispersing from various herbs and spices!

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15. You inspect every dish you order at the restaurant!



16. You watch your budget just to add expensive food ingredients to your kitchen!



17. Your refrigerator is filled with glass jars of all kinds of sauces and food items available in the market!



18. You are always ready to cook!

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19. You are the inventor of every weird dish prepared at home!

"Doesn't it look like a frog resting on the leaf, honey? Come on! Try it now"
“Doesn’t it look like a frog resting on the leaf, honey? Come on! Try it now”


20. You spend most of your time watching food shows and cooking channels.

cooking showsSource


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