23 things that are bound to happen when you date a dog lover

Dog lovers are loyal, patient and caring people. They are the best partners one could get but with a little twist! Here we bring to you 23 funny and life changing things that are bound to happen once you start dating a dog lover or when your dog lover finally gets a dog home. :)


1. You will never be able to figure out whether your partner loves you more or the dog.

loves the dog, definitely!
Loves the dog, definitely!



2. No matter, how much you wait for him to return home, the dog will be the first to get the hug. 



And this is probably you!

this is probably youSource


3. You will be invited to chill with your partner at home because that’s where the dog lives.

playing with dogSource


4. You will eventually fall in love with their dog too.

cute dogSource


5. You will be loved more  by your partner if you are ready to share your food with their dog and feed it with your own hands or mouth.

feeding dogSource


6. Finding their dog’s hair on the bed will become a sight of cuteness to you.

dog hair
“Look I found Chuckle’s hair. So cute! Aww! “



7. Their dog is allowed to sit anywhere it wants, you are not supposed to ask your partner to tell the dog to sit on the floor.

dog in the bed
Like a boss!



8. Believe it or not! They have a deeper connection with the dog.

dog kissSource


9. It is alright if the dog wants to sit on the couch too. 

dog on the couchSource


10. If your partner spends a day without their dog, they will tell you that they miss their dog more than they miss anything.

miss himSource


11. Yes, of course, they will love the breakfast you cooked for them but it won’t bring the smile you desire on their face. They want to see their dog, you see.

sadly eatingSource 


12. You are most jealous of the dog when this happens.

dog licking faceSource


13. Consider all your plans cancelled if the dog is alone in their house.

dog home alone watching tv
“Am I going to watch the TV alone?



14. You will eventually start asking to speak to their dog over the phone just to hear it bark in response as you say its name. You miss the dog too! :’)



15. You will sometimes go to their house to kiss the dog because you haven’t met the dog for days.

meeting the dogSource


16. If you love their dog equally, you will call it your first baby before marriage.

couple with dogSource


17. You will turn into a dog lover if you weren’t one.

dog loverSource


18.  You will be able to read every dog’s expressions and moods.

dog whisperer
“The dog wants to hookup with that bitch. Should I introduce them?”



19. You both will start planning tours and picnics with the dog.



20. You will always know no matter how short tempered you are, your partner will always be patient. Thanks to the dog! :D

sweet couplesSource 


21. Finding the dog’s hair on your jeans gives you a smile each time it happens.

dog and masterSource


22. You thank your partner for turning you into a dog lover because it is such a delight to be around them!

dog loverSource

turned into dog loverSource


23. When you feel sad or low, you feel like asking the dog to give you a hug and the dog will always understand!



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