14 things to keep in mind before moving into a new apartment

Planning to move into a new apartment, this weekend? Here are a few things you should keep in mind before setting up your new house and hauling and carrying all the carton boxes in a truck.

1. Select a house you can easily afford.

Beautiful balcony or a well maintained washroom might look really good to you but after a while you will wish you had selected the cheaper house. The idea is to have everything under budget so that you aren’t broke right in the beginning of the month after you have paid the rent and you can live off lavishly the entire month.

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2. Be clever, don’t take out the money until all is done with.

If the property guy is charging you for showing the house or if he wants to give you the apartment without even showing it to you, it could be a scam. Don’t pay any fee for seeing the house and pay to the dealer once all is sorted with legal paper work.


3. Be careful with eager landlords.

If you see an occasion where the landlord is too eager to give you the flat, make sure you take it slow getting all the required procedures done. It could be possible that something is wrong with the flat so make sure you check and ask everything.

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4. Try to understand the landlord’s personality.

The landlords could be nosy, always poking their noses in your business. Find out where they stay and how cool with your lifestyle.

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5. Find out who your neighbours are

A lot of times people have to leave their flat because of nasty neighbours. So check your neighbourhood nicely.


6. Find out of there is any common wall and who stays on the other side.

You might not want to be troubled with unwanted noise from the neighbours.

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7. Check the balconies.

If the apartment has balconies, check how far your balcony is from your neighbour’s. You don’t want anyone to jump into your balcony any time of the day, right? Tell the landlord to cover the corners of the balcony. If you are going to live alone, you have to take care of your security.

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Because low and really close balconies only look good in movies.



8. Water supply.

Check what time the water comes from the tap and if there are any issues with water. People living on third floor and above always face water problems. Check everything carefully.

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9. If you have pets, check if they are OK with your living with them.

This is important!

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10. How will you commute?

Check if the location is near a metro station or a bus stop, so you can travel comfortably to work and market.

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11. Check all toilets and faucets.

You might not want to get into any trouble with water drains, toilet flush, etc. Check if they are in good condition, always!


12. Check all outlets and switches.

If you need more outlets, let the landlord know.


13. Check the electric meter. 

No one would want to pay heavy electricity bills so check the meter ratings and find out if you will have a normal meter or a sub meter.


14. Check all your stuff to decide what to take to the new apartment

If you think you don’t need something, sell if off ASAP or get rid of it! There is no point taking something you will not use to the new house.

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Happy moving! :D


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