12 Govinda’s dance moves you should learn on his 50th birthday

Wishing the ultimate actor, comedian and dancer, Govinda a very happy 50th  birthday!

When talking about Chi-chi, one can never give his super funny expressions and animated dance moves a miss. So keeping that in mind, we have dug out a cool list of dance steps you should learn from Govinda to tackle any life situations. (Mostly when you are with a lady!)   ;)

1. How to tell a girl to give you a kiss by hiding under her ‘dupatta’!

to ask for a kissSource

2. How to show you are manly enough s she can never resist you!

raja babu


3. How to tell a girl she looks like a sizzling, “Maal”.

you are looking like a maalSource

4. How to welcome the weekend!


5. How to easily push and pull anything! Be it a car, a rope or a woman! *cough cough*

how to pull a carSource

6. How to do ‘two’ things together! Exercise and whatever-you-think-they-are-doing. :|

wtf is govinda doing


7. How to tell your lady to get kinky with ropes!


8. How to have a good time with a girl while checking her heart beat! ;)

how to have fun while checking the heart beatSource

9. How to … ! ;)

govinda dancingSource

10. How to say, “Hum mein hain dum!”

hum mein hai dum govindaSource

11. How to romance. Or, get free hugs! :P

how to romanceSource

12. How to say, “Picture abhi baaki hai dost!” :)

picture abji baaki hai dost- govindaSource

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Ciao! :)

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