24 things all Indians do in the offices to fake they are working

Needless to say, we all have such moments when we don’t feel like working at all. The reasons could be many! You started the day with a fight, you did not have your morning cup of coffee or tea, you have just met an attractive guy/girl and you  bought have been text-ing each other since the last evening, or you simply don’t enjoy your work or the work place for many reasons. And because you have mastered the art of ‘looking busy and doing nothing’ we bring to you 15 such things you do at work to get you cracking.

1. The moment your boss comes you switch to another tab on your browser.

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2. You fake that you are working on a presentation but you are actually reading a book online.

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3. You start staring at your desk/computer’s screen.

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4. You fake that you are doing the much needed R&D at work.


5. The moment someone comes, you make an intensely serious face looking at the computer.

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6. Sleep, until we get caught!


7. Fake that you are discussing work as soon as the boss arrives. But we all know you are killing time chatting with your colleague.


8. Watch videos on YouTube with a very-very constipated expression so no one could guess what you are doing at work.

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9. Fake that you are thinking about something important but all you are doing is wonder about how could there be so many stars in the sky.


10. Fake that you are taking an important call but all you are doing is talking to your new crush, just killing time.

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11. Tippy-tappy-tapping! Start typing as soon as someone arrives.


12. Fake that you are holding a meeting with your team but otherwise, you were sitting in the board room discussing ISL and the latest movies.

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13. Take an office tour just because you thought you should take a walk instead of sitting idle at your workstation.

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14. Chat and bitch with your friends at work on messenger and when your boss arrives give them a plastic smile.

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15. Indulge in online shopping!


16. Make task list! Because all your friends at work are busy… :(

todo list making


17. Take unnecessary print outs and xerox copies.


18. Search random things on google!

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19. Talk by writing because you can’t be sitting at a friend’s workstation all day long!


20. Quietly eat lunch, wiping your face off so no one could catch you eating!

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21. Make loads of coffee and tea because you have nothing to do but tell everyone you have cold and fever!

drinking coffee


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22. Take a one on one session with your subordinates and give them more work. Or simply put, screw their happiness because you are bored.

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23. Kick the table for no reason.


24. Take selfies, secretly and then fake that we were checking a text message. 

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