20 things Joan Rivers shared with the world that made us all love her so much

She was right there saying things that came from her heart and everybody loved her. She was fierce, funny, famous and never shied from making a laugh at anyone.

Another beautiful soul left us this Thursday with lesser hearty laughs and beautiful life lessons. An amazing comedian, Joan River always made sense with her satirical statements and jokes that she made of herself. Let’s remember her with her cut to the chase quotes, jokes and tweets.

This one’s to you, Joan Rivers!

1. What we have today is all we got!


2. She taught us to accept.


3. Live in the moment. There is no tomorrow!


4. Stay practical and straight with your thoughts. Love and happiness are always achieved in and at the right moment


5. Speak your mind…Always!


6. Love what you do. And do it forever!


7. Brilliant people never stop laughing at errs; they learn and laugh it out.


8. Pets! Get one and make a family.


9. Life teaches us and brings out the best in us.


10. She literally told everyone to resort to internet so that everyone can be heard. Because everyone deserves to be heard.


11. There she goes again. Thanks for laughs, Joan!


12. Incredibly honest!


13. Life brings both the good and the bad. Live it off!


14. Ahh, man! No words. We like to stay shut!


15. If they got a problem, it is ‘theirs’


16. She got plastic surgeries so many times. She can’t help not talking about them.
We found it on her twitter wall. Loved it!

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17. I’m not surprised that a man my age has not asked me out in a while. They’ve all been too busy shooting “Expendables 3.”


18. A study says owning a dog makes you 10 years younger. My first thought was to rescue 2 more, but I don’t want to go through menopause again.


19. Justin Bieber is going to be the new face of Calvin Klein underwear. We’ve gone from Marky Mark to Douchey Douche.


20. Lastly!

when I die!Source

This lady was a dynamite! Loved her so much. If you still haven’t got enough of her, watch a few glimpses from her show Fashion Police.

I will be glad to know your favorite quotes from these twenty. Share with me in the comments section below.


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