This teacher’s day our kids are teaching!

You, me or anybody from India always feels proud while singing the National Anthem. We make sure that we finish it singing in 52 seconds and stand up in respect; however, do we really know the meaning of our National Anthem? I bet many of us don’t know as it is in pure Sanskrit language and very few top the mother of all languages.

It’s okay, you didn’t know the meaning, but do not tell the same after watching this lovely video made by The Akanksha Foundation who has taken lots of creativity to compile the entire National Anthem just for us. See what the meaning is:

It is so amazing! It brought a smile to me and I got a proud feeling. Thank you so much, kids. Well, they taught us something very crucial that every Indian should know, but what are we doing for them? May be there are so many things that these students ought to learn. Yet indeed, all they need are teachers who can teach them.

Come, let’s perform the dual responsibility of being Indian citizens by sharing the meaning of our National Anthem and by searching teachers for these students on this Teachers Day.