15 types of girls guys should never date

You know the fact that people keep on guiding us on what type of guys a girl should avoid dating. Wait a minute, not all guys are responsible for a bad thingy in a relationship. It’s high time we come out of the perception that it must be the guy who led to a breakup. They can be girls who make things worse. Do you want to know who those secret game players are?

Here I have compiled a few types of girls you should never think about, if you wish a healthy relationship, so go pro in dating the right girl:

1. The friend hater
She will never like you hanging out with your friends. It’s so cool to roam as a couple, you see!


2. The clingy one
She is like the Ice Age squirrel, impossible to dispatch from acorn. Honey, I love you so much that now I am best friend with your best friend!


3. The possessive one
This girl would never accept your life’s existence before and after her presence. One of the reasons you are dating her is that you are a grownup. Hey my little sugar plump, stop driving above 60 as it might hurt you!


4. The unapologetic one
If by any chance she is proved a culprit in a recent mishap with your friends, she will not apologize. What? How can you even think I would create a gap between you and your friends? You should be apologizing for blaming me. 


5. The illusory one
The reason why she is with you is for a motive to conquer, not love. After getting promoted as a P.A of Chairman it is no fun with the team leader anymore!


6. The wailer
She makes sure negative vapors surround you whenever she is around. No, you don’t understand. It happens only with me. Sob…Sob…I have been working since 4 months and still unable to buy a car!


7. The high maintenance girl
This girl collects her selections from Gucci and Zara, Piaget and Tiffany, Olay and Avon and few more to add. She would definitely expect one from you. Oh, it’s been since day before yesterday that you have not purchased me new arrivals, honey!


8. The bimbo
She’s gorgeous, she is rich but she’s dumb and is no fun. Huh? I didn’t get it when you said Yoga increases productivity. How can a machine perform Yoga?


9. The Gold digger
You are the nearest person to her only when she is hungry, bored, in a shopping mood and in partying time but forgets you soon after all these. It’s like who cares? Baby, let’s cancel the dinner plan, you know I am so stressed after you took me out shopping. Get something packed for me please!


10. The flaunter freak
This girl is more conscious on how to demonstrate people what is she wearing rather than listening to your romantic conversations. Wait, you can propose me later, first tell me, did you notice one thing? No girl at the mall had this handbag, I am so different!


11. The I-am-always-correct girl
She can never be wrong on anything; she is the next generation computer. As I said, it was a toddler driving the car and it’s not an illusion!


12. The dominating one
With this girl you would sometimes feel like you are living under a dictatorship. No baby, last month only you went out drinking with your friends. You can do it again after 2 months.


13. The over feminist one
She thinks that only the male sex is responsible for all the creepy things around the world. Females are superior. Honey, you know what the truth is? women are God’s own creations with precious metals and gems, while men are made of leftovers.


14. The night clubs addicted girl
A girl who visits clubs from 8 in the night to 3 in the morning 24*7, how can she be your girlfriend man? When will you tell that you like her? And if she is your girlfriend, here is what she will say: After working for 8 hours, can’t I enjoy few hours dancing to music with my friends?


15. The snoopy girl
She is an aspiring whistle blower. For everything you do she needs to peep her head in. Oh, sorry I was just checking if the number displayed on your last call list has 10 digits or not!


Okay, so the list here includes the kind of girls you shouldn’t date, but then we have some great girls who are independent, ambitious, understanding and mature, which make them beautiful in a real sense. If you do come across such a girl, you must not let her go!

Meanwhile, if you are aware of any other kinds of girls you should stay away from, I’d love to know in the comments section below. You can save your good friends from trouble by sharing this article!

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