12 things you tell your boss and what you actually mean!

Bosses belong to a specific breed; a breed that is most prevalent in tea-break conversations and gossip sessions. They are the ones who sometimes screw our happiness and sometimes make us happy by sanctioning the much needed bonus!

Undoubtedly, what you tell your boss is completely different from what you actually mean! So if you’ve ever worked in an office, you would’ve definitely used some of these double meaning lines in front of your boss like:

1. What you say: Good Morning Boss!
What you mean: Oh, why did you come? Couldn’t you be on a leave today?


2. What you say: Boss, are you free?
What you mean: 
Please say you’re not! I could take a nap in the mean time


3. What you say: Don’t worry Boss, I don’t have any problems completing this task
What you mean: 
Are you kidding me?! That’s too much work


4. What you say: You want me to wait Boss? Sure! Why not?
What you mean: 
Damn you boss, why can’t you leave me alone? I’ve a date tonight!


5. What you say: No. no, I am not taking an off tomorrow. Who said that?
What you mean: 
Hell yeah, I soooo wanted a day off !


6. What you say: I am happy to announce that I have completed my targets on time and with maximum profits.
What you mean: 
Yuhooo, this calls for a performance bonus, don’t you think?


7. What you say: Nice plan Boss, we’ll achieve good results with this
What you mean: 
LOL, in your head! I could make a better plan than this piece of filth


8. What you say: This color suits you Boss!
What you mean: 
Hahah, don’t you have a mirror at home?


9. What you say: Aww, such a cute kid you have!
What you mean: 
Get off me, you silly kid!


10. What you say: Boss, you inspire me in so many ways
What you mean: 
Oh, there’s nothing like that. This is just one of my tricks to butter you


11. What you say: Hahaha, This is so funny Boss, you have a great sense of humor!
What you mean: God, I can’t fake my laughter anymore. Do you know that the 6 year old kid in my neighborhood cracks better jokes than you!


12. What you say: Have a great day ahead, Boss!
What you mean: 
Dying to have a great day, haaan? I wish you get loose motions today.



Got any other things which you tell your boss but it has a completely different meaning? Let me know in the comments section below!

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