These 9 quirky posters will take you through a sudden joy of nostalgia

Oh! How good were those days when collecting pens and waiting for the light to come back so we can watch our favourite show on the TV. Kuch Bhi brings these really quirky posters with our sweet and simple memories from the ’90s. We bet, this will make you feel really light.

1. Remember this?



2. When Cable goes off!



3. Watching Shaktimaan



4. This is still better than candy crush.11010597_916652535120499_8608185648840264429_n


5. Boom-boom boomer!11082513_916652881787131_6609954640942441510_n


6. Champak!11145570_916652871787132_7377121267726004779_n


7. Exam pads!11146182_916653048453781_2531969220381057614_n


8.  Saving the queen.11152684_916653055120447_781912522274966351_n


9. The incredible bus ticket!11159511_916653085120444_3681612826750025703_n


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