This bride from UP called off her wedding when she found out her groom was drunk…

Previously, we shared the story of a bride who called off her wedding as the groom couldn’t do a simple Math sum – he said 15+6 is 17 and the bride who called off her wedding after finding out that her father-in-law kissed her cousin. Today, Mid-Day reported a story wherein a bride refused to marry the groom who reached the wedding venue in an inebriated state.

The incident is of Amethi, Uttar Pradesh. Anil Yadav, the groom, of village Uparipara in Sultanpur district reached Kasba Nihalgarh, the bride’s village, yesterday to marry Rupa. Rupa, however stopped the ceremonies when she learnt that Anil was in a drunken state. The elders from both sides tried negotiating but the bride denied, after which the marriage party had to leave without the girl.

When we see more and more women taking a strong stand on what is correct, we can’t stop beaming with pride. Way to go, girls!

This news is sourced from Mid-Day

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