Swaang – Sursuri: a beautiful musical ode to tea and the youth of India

There’s something about tea, friends and national issues. We love to talk about anything everything over a cup of tea with our best friends.

swaangsongs shared a beautiful music ode to these things, and the youth of India, in the most beautiful way. The song is so good, we are hooked to it. Here’s the Hindi translation of the lyrics:

Tingling is the taste of tea
Slurp, slurp and have it
They robbed us of light
We did not protest!
We did not raise our voice!
Sitting in our cozy quilts
We sipped our tea …

Our nation is as old as 60 years
And yet looks fanciful and dear
One cheek is red and round
The other looks like the gutter of town
Stink emanates from the other, kick him out!

As if they own this country
They do anything they desire
Kill anyone they want
Jail any one they wish
The king’s men snatched our bread
Sold our jungles and bruised our land
But why do you want jungles?
Do you wish to eat grass?

Night was dark
Smoke was in the air
Drink after drink
Conversations incessantly played

Conversations … Conversations … Conversations
But you see India is not a homogenous society,
It is a nation with different nationalities …
Semi – feudal, semi – capitalist and then there is cast
The biggest roadblock to revolution …So…
Who called for this Biryani? It has no meat!

Intoxicated then we got, and remembered USSR
Suddenly our cold lives warmed up with the thought of revolution
But then we got tipsy and fell
Alcohol is free! Gulp! Gulp! And Have!

Watch the amazing song here: