Married at the age of 2-and-a-half, a 19 yr-old Ajmer girl moves court to annul her child marriage

This is an inspiring story of a 19 yr-old Ajmer girl, an engineering student, who filed a petition in the family court to annul her child marriage, which was conducted when she was just two-and-a-half years old.

The Times of India reported that the girl at present is studying engineering and wanted to come out of this social evil when she came to know that her husband was not much educated. With the help of Sarthi Trust of Jodhpur that’s fighting against the social evil of child marriage in the state, she took this brave step. In her petition, she stated that she was only two-and-a-half years old when her parents married her in Kotputli. She said,

Now I am studying in BTech in Ajmer and it’s now that I’ve learnt of my child marriage. I also came to know that the person I was married to is not much educated.” She said that she wanted to become engineer and looking for a good future.

When she came to know about the marriage, she protested, but there was pressure from her family and also from the community panchayat. She added,

I went into depression and then found out about Sarthi Trust that came forward to help me and encouraged me in my move.

When Kriti Bharati of Sarthi came to know about this situation, she went to the girl’s in-laws and tried to counsel them. She said,

But they did not agree to make the marriage stand null and void. After that the petition demanding to nullify the child marriage was filed today in the family court of Ajmer.

The girl is now optimistic about her future. She feels,

This will save my life after which I will have independence to live my life as per my wishes.

Way to go, girl. We wish more girls would understand and fight for their rights.

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