“Please pass me, I had no Maths teacher”, writes a student in Karnataka in his SSLC answer sheet

A few days back, we saw how poor the exam situation in Bihar was. A student kept a hundred rupee note in his answer sheet asking the examiner to pass him. What’s worse, the Math examiner had no clue who Pythagoras was and the English examiner couldn’t spell Shakespeare. But who’s to be blamed here?

Well, here’s yet another saddening news. According to The Hindu, a student in Karnataka wrote in his answer scripts of SSLC examinations, rather requested the evaluator to “somehow pass him in mathematics” since “there was no teacher for mathematics and someone came in March and covered the entire syllabus in 15 days”. There was another student who siad he left the school he was studying earlier because there was no Math teacher.

student requests to pass him as there was no Math teacher

Yet another student said that he left the school he was studying earlier because as there was no Math teacher. He joined an English-medium school. He said, “I found it difficult to follow teaching in English. When I requested for teaching in Kannada, they snubbed me saying it was an English-medium school … Please pass me.”

Further information of these students is yet to be found out. Interestingly, there were a few more weird answer sheets; one was carrying the recipe of chicken curry and another one was a threat note to the evaluator which said the student would do black magic if he was not given passing marks.

Here’s the best part though – the evaluators are not allowed to carry cell phones to the evaluation centers. Somehow the photographs of such “interesting” pages were still taken and circulated in social media.

The news and the image are sourced from The Hindu