Siachen Avalanche: Soldier buried for 6 days, 20-foot down under pulled out alive

Lance Naik Hanananthappa was assumed dead, but the rescue personnel pulled him alive and they call it a miracle. Though his pulse is critical, the spirits of the rescue personnel are raised as they have been treadling through snow for days.

Soldier Buried Under Snow for 6 Days Rescued Alive (1)Source

The New Indian Express reported that Lance was a resident of Dharwad district in Karnataka. He was pulled out from under feet of snow on Monday night. The brave soldier managed to stay alive for six days in temperatures as low as minus 45 degrees. He was rushed to a warm tent on site immediately after being rescued where medics attended to him. He is critical and would be shifted to a hospital on Tuesday. An official said,

We are trying our best to evacuate him as soon as possible to RnR hospital.

Soldier Buried Under Snow for 6 Days Rescued Alive (1)Source

As rescue operations are underway to recover bodies of the ten security personnel who were buried under snow by the avalanche which hit a security post at 19000 feet in Northern Siachen, bodies of four soldiers have been pulled out till Monday.

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Two dogs involved in the rescue operations lost their lives while undergoing the operations under such weather conditions on the glacier.

News Source: The New Indian Express