9 things which every dad should learn from Game of Thrones, or may be not

There are 2 chances as to why you are here, reading this- 1.) you are soon going to become a father of your quadruplets or, 2.) you are a sucker for everything GOT. Whatever may the reason, you are at the right place! Where do you go when you look for parenting advise? What to expect when you are expecting? Well, you reach out to an expert and who can be a better expert than the parents who can do anything for their family name and children! Here are 9 things all dads can learn from GOT or may be not!

1. Encourage your children’s interests. You never know when they become really good at them.

Arya-Starkarya season 1

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2. Love all your children equally or they might kill you one day. 

tyrion lannister season 4



3. Don’t ever let your bastard son or daughter know they have a whole series of tests which they will have to take to prove they are your children. Because logically, they are your children. Ramsay-Snow-Fire



4. If you will not hate your bastard so much, he will not turn into a devil or a love deprived sheep. 

ramsay_bolton and jon snow


5. Protect your children and their honour even if that requires you to kill the cheaters and vow breakers. What do they mean, they can’t marry their son to your daughter? They definitely have to pay for your daughter’s loss.  (May be, we don’t want father’s to learn this!)

red wedding



6. Never ever think of having a baby with your sister. Your kid will end up growing up as a cunt. 

joffrey baratheon jack gleeson


7. Be brave enough to protect your children even if they are in a foreign land like Dorne.




8. Love your children even if they have an incurable disease or a never hiding grey-scale scar right on their faces. They could be way more intelligent and smart than you ever thought they will grow up to be. Don’t listen to your wife! She might induce you to kill your children. 

stannis baratheon daughter



9. Never ever give your son to your enemies and even if you do, do not make them feel bad for their fate. The kid could end up being a coward and fall prey to the unfaithful baddies.




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