Stranger’s response to crying baby in the flight lead to a friendship for life

How many times do we travel and make friends on our way to the destination? And how many times do those travel friends end up becoming friends for life? Not many times. However, when Rebekka Garvison from Alabama decided to travel with her toddler, Rylee to give her husband, Nick who is a firefighter in the US Army a big surprise, she found a great friend in the passenger sitting next to her in the plane.

rebekka garvison

As Rebekka took her seat with Rylee in the plan, the couple right next to her looked irritated with the baby sitting next to their seats. When her baby started crying, Rebekka requested the flight attendant to have her switch to a different seat located two rows up with an empty seat next to it so she could take care of the baby and travel comfortably. When she got the seat, the lady right next to them asked if she could handle the baby for a while. Rylee, who was earlier crying in her mother’s lap was now silent and was enjoying the view looking out the window. In no time, Rylee was sleeping her arms. The lady told Rebkka she was all right and comfortable with the baby. She fell asleep holding Rylee in her arms. Rebekka was surprised to see someone so nice and helpful. The lady even carried Rylee till the gate so Rebekka could get the stroller and carseat put back together.

Later, Rebekka took to Facebook to share her wonderful experience with s stranger with all the goodness. Here is what she wrote:

Something amazing happened to me today and I will never be able to express how grateful I am for it. If anyone has ever…

Posted by Rebekka Garvison on Thursday, September 24, 2015

That’s Rylee sleeping with aunt, Nyfesha Miller in the plane.

nyfesha miller

“It brought tears to my eyes while I sat there and watched you and Rylee sleeping next to me. I just couldn’t believe how that ended up working out and how caring you were to us.”

This act of kindness is going to stay with Rebekka and Nick for the rest of their lives. If you have a beautiful story to tell, do share it in the comments section.

All images sourced from: Facebook