You won’t believe what King Khan did when a fan tweeted a hilarious script of DDLJ2 to him

Who doesn’t love SRK? King Khan has millions of fans around the world and it is very well expected from them to remember his each and every film, character, co-stars along with the story-line of his films. The star who has been making people fall in love has been around for more than 2 decades. And so, a fan named Sharad Kandoi decided to write him the biggest script of his career! He chose to make a super block buster script by combining all of SRK movies and here it goes.

The script was so entertaining that even SRK tweeted to him. 

This is not it! Even SRK’s fans started tweeting too.

Oops! A hater too tweeted about the script and SRK’s career. But that is not important!

Looks like the script is a huge hit. who likes to go and watch it?