#Inspiration: Man from Jhodpur creates trolleys for paralyzed dogs to make them walk again

Do you know what some organisations do to control street dogs’ population? While some take to animal killing, some aim at sterilizing them like, Animal Birth Control Program. There are a few organisations and NGOs who work to take care of street dogs too. Whatever be the case, the numerous incidences of animal cruelty have duly been reported and they need to stop. With more than 25 lakh stray dog population, and innumerable cases of cruelty against them and their unfortunate road accidents, we can only imagine how many of those innocent canines will be surviving with severe injuries. Most of those dogs, either lose their legs or become paralyzed and hence, lose their freedom. But not anymore now! Thanks to entrepreneur, Hritesh Lohiya and his friends from Jodhpur. His company, Priti International recycles waste material to create aesthetically beautiful handbags, old gunny bags, denim pants and many other products. Once an unsuccessful businessman who now owns a successful garbage recycling factory with a turnover of 8 million USD, is every stray dog’s saviour.

It all happened when he encountered an injured stray dog outside his factory.

“We have several street dogs, and most of them are very friendly. Our factory is located on the main road, and there is lot of traffic, both heavy and small vehicles. These vehicles drive so roughly, that not just the animals, even we have to be very careful while crossing the road. This particular dog was hit by a three-wheeler, which paralyzed him,” he told Homegrown.

So he came up with his best product ever, a working trolley for the paralyzed street dog. He constructed a trolley to help the stray dog walk again. The trolley consists of an old military box and the wheels of an old water cooler.

Street dog out side our factroy… back portion got paralyzed…. we made this special trolley to move.

Posted by Hritesh Lohiya on Monday, June 29, 2015

Dog wheelchairs and braces are expensive and hard to find, but not Hritesh’s re-purposed trolley. He has also designed 200 more trolleys to be given away to societies that help stray dogs and animals.

Here is a video of how the product works.

video how it works..

Posted by Hritesh Lohiya on Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Can’t thank him enough for coming up with such a great product for the strays too make them walk again and live their lives with freedom.

Source: Homegrown