Artist’s ‘pun-ny’ animal illustrations tell the world is a happy place

Artists and illustrators have the best imaginations when it comes to thinking about a ‘pun-ny‘ way to represent art. UK-based freelance illustrator Sophie Corrigan has added witty words to her very ‘pun-ny’ illustrations for a cute series.  Her cute drawings have become postcards with animals and ‘punny‘ phrases.

It is “a collection of fun, cheeky and silly work”!


beagle bagel

2. biscat

3. chai hua hua

4. chimpion

5. haarmonicat

6. hedgehugs

7. hipsterpotamus

8. instaham

9. octopuss

10. puggle

11. pugtato

12. pup of tea

13. rabbot

14. unicone

15. zombee

The artist holds a degree in illustration from the University of Central Lancashire & is currently studying for her Masters Degree in Children’s Book Illustration. Her works can be seen at Paperchase, Urban Outfitters, Hot Topic, and ASOS. The artist who works as a freelance illustrator for many big names dreams of becoming a children’s book illustrator one day. You can follow Sophie Corrigan on Facebook and Instagram.