16 easy- peasy ways to sleep better tonight

Getting enough sleep is good for both body and mind. If you are the one who stays awake while the world sleeps, it is time you try out a few lifestyle changes and introduce new habits to sleep better. Enough of being a night owl! Try these 16 easy ways to sleep better at night and we assure you, you will have no sleepless nights from today.

1. Have a bed routine. Sleep at a scheduled time for sleeping every day. Your body will start acting according to your routine. 

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2. Drink chamomile tea

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3. Write a daily journal and focus on the positives. 


4. Exercise regularly.


5. Do not workout before going to bed. You will end up feeling energetic and your body will not be able to relax.


6. Sleep for at least 7 hours on a daily basis.


7. Buy snugly soft blankets for yourself. Being in a comfortable environment will help you sleep.


8. Take a hot shower or bath before sleeping. 


9. Say no to drinking coffee and tea late evenings and at night. Keep them only for mornings and evenings. 


10. If you have been in bed for the last 20 minutes without feeling sleepy, try doing something relaxing. Reading a book or listening to slow music can help. Thinking about not feeling sleepy won’t help.

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11. Burn lavender-scented candles or essential oils to fall asleep.

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12. Try sleep apps on your smart phone.


13. Drink a warm drink. 


14. Do not face the clock. It will only give you stress. 


15. Keep your phone switched off.

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16. Try breathing exercises. 



Hope this helps!

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