What it is like to get a heart warming morning hug by two lion cubs? You will be jealous of this guy

There’s nothing better than getting a morning hug by your two furry cats. And when your cats are furrier and bigger than ever, the hugs from them are nothing but cuddling a giant teddy bear. Noam and Tom, two young males showed their love to their favourite human and caretaker the best way.

another hug

Or may be, the sweetest way!

aww so cute


This is just like a dream!

two cubs


More hugs and kisses.

what it is like to be hugged by two lions


We have never been more jealous of anyone in our whole lives.

with two cubs


African Dreams whose about us section reads, ‘Living and loving the amazing wildlife and animals of Africa’ shared this heartwarming video of this lucky man getting a hug by two lions.