Guys who have been trying to find their right match on Tinder will relate to this video

The new dating App, Tinder has changed the dating world. People who like to meet new people or need partners are putting the App to its good use. While men are of course, are making the most of the App, women are not too behind in using this popular dating App.

the old fashioned babe

Teen Pathar made this funny video that brings the reality of the type of girls men have found on Tinder.

Here for sex!

here for sex


The feminazi!

the feminazi


Too rich for you!

too rich for you


Too progressive!

too progressive


To find the right girl for you is equally difficult to finding the right guy. This video shows the story of every person who struggled to find a right match on Tinder and may have met the 8 typical types of girls on Tinder.