‘Sir O Sir’: a hilarious parody for every kid who hated their teachers

Some kids come out of school scarred for life because of that one (harami) teacher who played their character of being a dark villain just too seriously throughout the years spent in the haunting school building. Shudh Desi Gaane with Salil Jamdar decided to take their revenge and give that teacher what they deserved- a Sir O Sir ‘Screw You’ parody!

sir o sir

Not just harsh punishments, bad scores and unnecessary scoldings, the song talks about how that cruel teacher refused to send us on washroom breaks to answer nature’s calls.


And how that teacher would tie a pony tail on our heads if we mistakenly grew our hair a tad longer.

rasna girl

After telling his teacher why he hates her, the kid with destroyed and scarred childhood gives his teacher a great advise. To know it, you have to give this hilarious ‘Sir O Sir Parody’ a watch.

Here’s the last thing we like to say to our teacher.

fuck you

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