Want to be an actor? Join the gym! Stand up comedian talks about people who go to gym and it’s hilarious!

What is the biggest reason for someone to join gym? You would think, fitness! That’s not correct! If someone joins gym, that person is a struggling actor for sure, at least according to Varun Thakur.

SnG Varun Thakur on GymsSnG Varun Thakur on Gyms join the gym

Popular YouTube channel, SnG Comedy has shared their new video featuring comedian, Varun Thakur performing in front of his audience on one of the most interesting things in the life of a self obsessed person, Gyms! 

SnG Varun Thakur on Gyms laptop

He begins by talking about hefty looking men with overly large biceps who grunt while exercising all the time.

SnG Varun Thakur on Gyms biceps

And what he feels likes telling them.

SnG Varun Thakur on Gyms hajmola

He also take a dig at gym trainers who adopt cooler names to look cool.

SnG Varun Thakur on Gyms aj


Watch this hilarious video here.


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