School kid cuts an innocent puppy into two halves; poses for pictures to go on Facebook

A study says if a kid in his childhood is harsh with animals and abuses them, it is likely that the kid will grow up into becoming a less empathetic person and most of all, a bad human being for he will never ever be able to understand emotions and will never be kind to any one be it, a man or an animal.

A bored school kid studying in Santa Eufrasia’ in Rio Cuarto, Argentina took his friends along and cuts a little puppy into two halves. The extremely shocking fact is that the kid posed for his friends to take the pictures. He later, uploaded all the pictures on his Facebook Timeline. The coward took pride in what he did and wanted to show off. The angry citizens in the vicinity reported the incident to the police however, as the kid was a minor, he could not get the right punishment. His school authorities too did not take any action to give him a much deserved lesson.

Warning: The below content is not for weak-hearted!

Schoolboy slices INNOCENT PUPPY in half, poses for photos and uploads them on Facebook! Voice Your Outrage Now:…

Posted by YouSign Pets on Friday, September 18, 2015