The restaurant’s reply to this guy’s review on Zomato is shocking

There were times when restaurants kept customer satisfaction above everything else. There ‘were’ times. Something unlikely happened with Pankaj Sharma, who posted a review about his bad experience at Underdoggs Sports Bar & Grill, Gurgaon. Here’s a picture of the place:

underdoggs fi


He wasn’t very pleased with their service and like any normal person, he shared his review on Zomato.


Most of the times, the management tries to rectify their mistakes and try to satisfy the customer, or at least, to politely listen to the feedback. But that wasn’t the case with this bar. Here’s their shocking reply and the rest of the conversation between the two parties-

underdoggs 1

underdoggs 2

Way to go with your marketing techniques, bro. Whatever happened to taking negative feedback in a proper way?