When her sanitary pad dropped during her performance, she managed the crisis like a boss!

While performing on the stage for a morning show called, Despierta America, Patricia Navidad, a Mexican singer had the most embarrassing moment. Her menstrual pad accidentally dropped while she sang, ‘Viva Mexico.’ However, this did not stop the brave and bold artist from stopping her performance.

While men on social media criticized her for the incident, she daringly took to twitter to talk to all the people who have been talking about her.

1. What a shame that there are men who forget they are here because of a woman and are offensive and vulgar toward women!!!


2. They say a man who treats a women like a princess was brought up by a queen, but what about those who offend women, who were they brought up by??


3. And if you were what you said, it is not even embarrassing, nor something to be ashamed about but when judged, (agredir y senalar) you forget that you’re not who you say you are!!



Watch Patricia’s performance when her pad dropped.



Featured image sourced from Instagram.