A pervert on Facebook asked her if she had female genitals. Her reply deserves a bow.

Here’s something which I can confidently say: each and every girl has gone through this on Facebook, at least once in her life – creepy messages. There are creepy stalkers who send such messages that are downright degrading. Where at most of the times, with an intention of not taking things any further, women prefer to ignore, but Prerna Pratham Singh chose to do something else.

A creep called Raushan Kumar first addressed her as ‘sexy’ and when she didn’t reply, he asked if she had female genitals. This moron clearly had it coming. Prerna’s reply and her decision to reply deserves a bow. See what she wrote to him.

girl replied to nasty messages on FB


Here is the profile link of the guy – Raushan Kumar

Here’s something I would suggest or rather wish such men would understand. Heads-up: if you do not fall into this category of men, kindly don’t get offended; let’s just face it that there are such men.

Girls are there on Facebook or any other social media for their own reasons. If they post pictures of themselves enjoying – be it drinking, smoking or any other way they want, there is no way it means that they have a loose character. You may assume that, but let me break it to you, it is nowhere close to reality. Do you know what really happens when a girl reads such derogatory messages? She will ignore, but she won’t get it off her head for quite a while. I personally know a few who questioned themselves what did they do to deserve such words of shame. So before you send such a message, think twice, unless you want such useless fame, like Mr. Kumar here just did.

And if at all you do think that abusing her rather than showing her respect will you get you a girl, there is clearly something wrong with you and you need help.

Thank you, that will be all.