11 best health-hacks you should follow right away

How do you feel, today? If you don’t feel good, you could write about it or sleep to it after a warm bath or, shower or after you have shaved your legs with a peanut-butter. Yes, I am talking strange but I am talking sense, my friend. Here are more 11 of the best health hack tricks you should totally try. Your kitchen is not just a place to cook but a place to get healthy, good looking and smile-y.


1. Shampoo Your Hair With Beer

We all have been spilling beer on ourselves during parties, but pouring a bottle of beer on your head is actually health for your hair. Voila! You get shiny hair too. Add beer rich in  proteins and vitamins to your shampoo for thick and shiny hair.




2.Moisturize With Honey

Take half a spoon of honey in your palm, join your hands together so you have honey smeared onto your palms, massage honey with both hands on your face. Honey protects skin, keeps it moisturized, shrinks open pours and tighten your skin.




3. Black Tea is Good for Treating Sunburns 

Applying chilled black tea on to the affected area, gently. This will help soothe the skin, and help speed up your skin’s recovery process.




4. When Life Gives You Lemons, Deodorize!

You can apply lemon juice directly to those stinky spots when you run out of deodorant or perfumed. Lemon kills bad odour so at least you are not the stinking rat in your class.




5. Treat a Sore Throat with Whiskey 

Add a spoonful to warm water and gargle. This will help numb the throat.




6. Drink Cherry Juice to regain strength after a heavy workout routine.

Drinking cherry juice is perfect to gain your energy back after spending hours in the gym.

cherry juice



7. Switch to Cinnamon Instead of Sugar

It is a good idea to add a pinch of cinnamon to your coffee instead of adding sugar.




8. Write what stresses you out.

Write about what your brains get most spent on. It is a stress reliever.




9. Shout cuss words to reduce pain. :)

Yes, it is true. It helps reduce the pain.




10. Take a warm shower or bath before bed and you will sleep like a baby. 

A warm shower can help you sleep if you find yourself awake staring at the walls all night long.

warm bath



11. Shave with peanut butter

And when out of shaving gel, grab the Skippy and shave away. (Stick to the creamy kind.) The natural oils in the nut butter help moisturize the skin, leaving behind a nice nutty scent.

peanut butter shave



Got some health hacks you like to share, write in the comments section.