10 familiar but seldom recognized heroes we all should respect

Ask anyone randomly at an odd time, who is your hero? I bet the answer would be Akshay Kumar, Hritik Roshan, Ranbir Kapoor, or any other Hollywood or Bollywood celebrity. Yes, they are the on screen heroes but not the real life heroes. We come across real life heroes almost every day in our life but as we are so used to watch them regularly, we have forgotten their importance and rarely acknowledge them. If an actor shakes hand with you, loads of ‘Thank yous’ are bombarded at them but what about those real life heroes who have directly contributed for us, our society and our nation? Do we really give them the kind of appreciation they deserve? Let’s read who are these real life heroes and why they are worth getting an applause?

1. Traffic police

Not every roads or circles in India have traffic light facilities; we stop and start our vehicles at the signals of these heroes who stand between the roads irrespective of the climate conditions, just to make your drive smooth and safe. I have often come across people who yell and abuse traffic police, just because he/she gave a sign to halt. Imagine yourself standing on a road doing these hand gestures during Indian midsummer. That scares!


2. Defense Force

India, the largest subcontinent of the world has always invited foreigners. They have invaded, some with good intentions, some with even better but some invaders like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and China who just know exploitation and destruction. In order to protect Indian citizens from these invaders, India has Army, Navy and Air Force. Indeed true heroes, they have oodles of nerve to leave their loved ones and get ready to accept the invitation of death whenever they are called for. A cricket player in India would earn crores for his victory but a martyr who lost his life for the nation gets 5 lakhs!

I have nothing to say more on this. I can just say my eyes always get wet when I think about them, my head is bowed and would be the same always. I am sure you have the same feeling, right?

Indian defense


3. Production Crew

After watching a particular movie, generally it is the actor that gets the credit for the success. Only few people have the opportunity to see exactly how much pain it is to take one shot and number of people involved behind the screens who get their appreciation as a name featured at the end of the movie. Ask me, and my answer is, ‘no I don’t stay back in theatre to read long list of names once the movie is ended’. I also advice myself to appreciate these bunch of guys without whose help not even a single shot can be taken.


4. State police

India is a hub of religions, cast, higher population, and diversity in terms of everything you see. Will you not go crazy if these different people with unique cast and mentality have varied opinions? Definitely we will. To bring down the crime rate, to keep a watch on unpredictable happenings during those number of Indian festivals and to help people in need are the few great services these heroes contribute. Can we even imagine to leave our family during the communal riots? These people don’t miss out doing their duties even then.

State PoliceSource

5. Municipality Cleaners

They sweep the roads late night so that we could drive in the morning without any hassle. They clean the stinky grimy gutters pre-monsoon to avoid any blockage in the rainy season and repeat the same as and when required. They honk outside your house to pick up the garbage that you have collected. Putting themselves in the dangerous unhygienic conditions, don’t you think these guys are best people to respect?


6. Vendors

No doubt on the financial benefits of these heroes is the motive behind doing their particular job but choosing the right one is a task. Vendors also fall into the category of heroism as they get you stuffs like vegetables, fruits, milk and sometimes even clothes on your door step ignoring the heavy rain or hot summer of India. They make things so simple and accessible for us and we are so smart to bargain with them for 2 rupees.

India WeatherSource

7. Nurses

Doctors are great at advising the correct medicine but it requires a brave heart to inject a patient, to clean the patient’s injury, to keep a track on your intakes, and also to raise your confidence level to get well soon. These are few of the appreciable tasks that a nurse undergoes during his/her work routine. During any surgery, nurse is the person next to doctor providing the correct surgical instruments but we thank doctors and often forget the nurse.

Indian Nurse


8. Teachers

It is believed that teachers just burp out what they have by hearted two days back to do their job of speaking it loud about the chapter in the class. But do we know the procedure of teaching, examples that are shared for our better understanding, that red face when you go without your home work, scolding on punctuality and so many add on to this list. t surely leaves an impact on our life. After our mothers, it is the teachers who creates a great impact on the decisions we make in our life and the character you possess. In India we do have good teachers who teach poor kids under a bridge. So if you feel that you’re at a good position in your life, do give a call to your teacher right away!

Indian TeacherSource

9. Farmers

We have various types of food. Tasty, spicy, healthy – but do we exactly know what it is made of and how is it grown? Ask a farmer. He/She will tell you the long procedure of yielding a crop which might make you feel oh-my-god. Mind you, it’s not the task of days or weeks, it’s about months and if a crop is a failure, the farmer sinks beneath the ground of money utilized. The patience he puts in and the perseverance that is undertaken is highly appreciable. Food grains are in packets after a long tidy procedure, so it goes unsaid that we should not only respect the farmer but also the food.


10. Doctors

We believe in god blindly on certain things and do the same with the doctors. People do not ask any questions on the type of medicine prescribed by the doctor. It is a notion that, ‘doctor ne bola hai to sahi hai (if the doctor has said it, it must be correct)’. In a way it is correct. Doctors can do wonders. With the help of science and technology everything is possible today. If you are lucky enough to get a genuine doctor in your difficult times, you get an angel because if I am not wrong doctors’ incorrect advices today is just a way to earn more profit. Once in a while, after thanking your Gods, do thank your doctors as well.



I have listed down my views on real life heroes and I am heading to thank some of these people I know. So, are you with me on my thoughts and appreciate the great unknown job carried by the heroes mentioned above?

 If yes, then start sharing this article with your friends so that real heroes of India get maximum recognition which they deserve.

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Written by Bhakti Patel