20 excuses that late comers give and what they actually mean!

I’d be extremely surprised if I come across a person who has never reached late somewhere. We all get late, at some point or the other. The funny things is, we always have an excuse ready to defend ourselves. These excuses are used by us at some time or the other. Be it parents, friends, date or spouses, these excuses will sound familiar.

Here’s a list of most common 20 excuses that we give when we reach late and what we actually mean. Read on and tell us with how many you can relate to!

1. What we say – I was all set to leave but these unwanted guests landed up at the last moment.

What we mean – Another friend came over and I was too lazy to get up and walk to meet you.

2. What we say – Mom wanted some help in kitchen.

What we mean – I am so lazy, my mom would thank all the Gods if I kept even my used plates back in the kitchen. Helping her is a far off thing which is impossible.


3. What we say – I am turning out to be a spoiled brat. My father chose the same time to make me realize that when I was stepping out and he stopped me and started yelling.

What we mean – It’s been at least 10 years that I and my dad have had a serious talk. I was actually sleeping when we had to meet.


4. What we say – I was reading that thriller novel and I simply forgot about our meeting.

What we mean – I slept off while reading and did not care to get up on time.


5. What we say – Totally lost track of time (Look very very apologetic as if you have committed a crime or make him feel that you are totally guilty about losing the track of time. Use all your drama skills and you are through).

What we mean – I was busy doing random stuff as I knew you will buy any excuse which I’ll give with a sorry face.


6. What we say – You remember weeks back I told you about that little fight I had with my boyfriend? Well he finally called to patch up. That’s why I was late. I hope you understand.

What we mean – You are single and you don’t know about all these phone call crap and hence you will be convinced easily.


7. What we say –  I was badly stuck in traffic. I wanted to meet you so badly; thought I will take a short cut but the road was jammed. Damn our bad luck!

What we mean – The weather was fantastic and I thought of having a long drive all by myself and so went for it. By the way I love this city, everybody believes the traffic reasoning.


8. What we say –  I kept my phone on charge and then I went to check it, I saw that I had not switched on the button. You know, I had to have a decent battery life so that I could give you a call.

What we mean – I blocked you ! Who wants to get disturbed by your phone call every minute when I am already late?


9. What we say – Hey, you know what, remember that random childhood friend of mine? He came to visit me and I didn’t realize I was late while talking to him.

What we mean – I was busy running behind a cat and then started playing with kids. You know why, that is more entertaining.

10. What we say – You know what, the maximum number of rejections I have faced in my life is from the autowallas. Not a single autowalla stopped.

What we mean –  I did not leave before your 10th call.


11. What we say – My clock stopped working suddenly.

What we mean – Honestly I did not look at the clock even once. I created this, it’s total original and I am proud of myself because you bought it.


12. What we say – Went for a shower, ran out of water.

What we mean – I was dancing when in shower, I love singing too. I was quite impressed by my performance, hence was singing and dancing continuously. I did not see the time. It hardly matters. Here I am having an after show coffee with you!


13. What we say – I was so excited to meet you, in rush, I tripped off the staircase and got injured.

What we mean – You already know this that my house does not have stairs and you are stupid. Do you even see a single scratch?


14. What we say – I wonder how it’s so dry here because in my area it is pouring bad. I got drenched completely and had to go back home to change.

What we mean – This is a unique excuse, your weather knowledge sucks and I am smart.


15. What we say – I forgot my phone home. How can I live without it?

What we mean – This is an instant excuse and see how well organized. I am on fire today!


16. What we say –  Stupid roads of our city, the moment I moved out, my car got punctured.

What we mean – You watch thrill shows right? this is how I fool you. Beat that!


17. What we say – I had a severe headache.

What we mean – There was food left from last night’s party. It was fun finishing it off and while eating i got this idea of excuse. It worked.


18. What we say – Went to get a chocolate for you. That reminds me, I ate it on the way.

What we mean – I am an Indian and emotional blackmailing is my birth right.


19. What we say – Remember that school friend of ours? I saw him on the way. He was caught in a fight and I stayed back to help him.

What we mean – I should actually shout on you as you don’t remember what friends we had in school and you totally bought this excuse.


20. What we say – An innocent cat was lying on the road helpless. I picked it up and took it to a friend’s place. He loves cats.

What we mean – I hate animals but I appreciate my sense of excuses and I am proud of myself.


So what excuse do you give when you’re late? I would love to know what you actually mean when you give such excuses!

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Written by Priyanka J Patel