Facebook removes the screenshot of Prerna Singh on the grounds of having nudity content

Last week, we shared a story of the brave girl who did a commendable act of taking a stand against a pervert who was messaging her on Facebook. The creep named Raushan Kumar said that someone was misusing his account. We can know how truthful he must be, because the next thing he did after receiving hundreds of messages was to deactivate his own account.

The screenshot taken by Prerna went viral. But later on when she tried to login her Facebook, she couldn’t do it as the screenshot was taken down by Facebook on the grounds of having ‘nudity content’.

prerna's ss taken down by FB 1

How is it that Prerna’s screenshot has been removed saying it has nudity content? What’s more, there are people who are also accusing her of trying to gain attention. Once again, being a woman, she has to explain why she decided to reply to that pervert, and why it isn’t her fault. She took to her Facebook to talk more about it. Here’s what she had to say –

prerna's ss taken down by FB 2

She talked to The Quint and here’s her message for every girl out there –