10 creative ways to deck up your room if you love all kinds of art

There is no place  better than home!

Imagine if you could have your crib decked the way you always wanted so you could stay in your room as much as you can, invite friends over happily because you know you have a beautiful and even organize meetings. We bring to you the best 10 DIYs so you can deck up your place the way always wanted. Don’t worry, they will fall under your strict budget! :D


1. Make a pencil art!pencil art

Here’s how!


2. Have a golden polka dotted wall in your room. 

polka dotted wall

Here’s how!


3. Have a gallery wall!gallery wall

Here’s how!


4. Make glossy photo-frames with CD cases. 

CD cases

Here’s how!


5. Make wall art out of Styrofoam.


Here’s how!


6. Make book shelves out of wooden boxes.


Here’s how!


7. Hang sweet quotes and instructions!

Life instructions

Here’s how!


8. Make a starry-night-headboard.


Here’s How!


9. Finished toilet paper roll are perfect to create art!

wall diy



10. Get a nice chalkboard made for yourself! :D




We hope you loved the ideas. Share yours with me in the comments section. :)