You will be shocked to know the scary secrets these 10 popular buildings have been hiding from you

There is always more than what meets the eye. You could be staying in a locality for a decade but discovering a whole new shortcut to your way back home will be an overwhelming surprise or, finding a small opening to the backyard could also give you kicks like you are a Sherlock Holmes in the making. When we found out the secret that these popular establishments have been keeping to themselves, we couldn’t resist but share them with you. Here are 10 scary, scandalous and spooky secrets of these 10 famous structures.


1. The Vatican Library, Vatican City

The vault-like structure of the Vatican Library is an authorized area for any visitor. No one knows what sort of secret or scary truth telling books it contains, only pope does.

The Sistine Hall of the Vatican Library


2. Grand Central Station, NYC

Grand Central Station stands above a power station from World War II and has a secret bar called the Campbell Apartment. which many years ago was an actual apartment. And guess what?  A tennis court of  Vanderbilt Tennis and Fitness Club also hides in the building.

Grand Central Station, New York City, New York


3. Beck-Warren House, Cambridge

Built in 1833, this ancient house is a part of Harvard University’s campus. The secret of this house lies in the deepest section of the house that leads to a trap door where people used to hide to travel north on the Underground Railroad. ‘The Haunting in Connecticut’ sort of a story! *getting goosebumps*

beck warren house


4. The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

The resort is open for stay and is popular for hosting many presidents and other eminent guests. The resort’s secret is its secret bunker, designed during the Cold War to accommodate all the congress men if required. The bunker can only be seen during the scheduled tours of the resort.

The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia


5. Dunster House, Massachusetts

Again a part of the Harvard University, Dunster house has hidden rooms and passages behind bookshelves and bookcases.

Dunster House


6. Murder Castle, Chicago

Owned by H.H. Holmes, Murder Castle is a hotel with multiple hallways, hidden rooms, and secret passages. The hotel got its name after his owner’s act of killing more than 200 people in the hotel. Scary! Damn! I’m never going to see this place.

murder house


7. Drum Castle, Scotland

The gigantic castle holds a secret room in one of its towers which dates back to the 17th century. What the hell used to happen in that secret room?

Drum Castle, Aberdeenshire


8. Blue Bayou Restaurant, Disneyland

Now this one is exciting! The New Orleans section of Disneyland has a secret club. The club connected to the Blue Bayou Restaurant, has a secret entrance and a big bar. If you become a member of the club, you will enjoy some exquisite park privileges.



9. Pixar Studios, Emeryville

The studio has a hidden retro bar where Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs used to spend  a lot of time. The room is right now covered in cribbles, lights, and Pixar mementos.

Pixar Studios


10. Britannia Manor, Austin, Texas

This is game designer, Richard Garriott’s home. Loaded with trap doors and secret rooms, this place is the venue of one of the big Halloween parties as it is considered as one of the most haunted houses in the US. Care to accept the invitation?

Britannia Manor, Austin, Texas


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