Clever artist makes your plate look full of delicious food but it not what it looks like

To walk into a room with a giant table spread with delicious food to eat is one thing we all dream about. What if one day, you do see a table laden with various plates in different sizes with all varieties of food and when you run towards it to eat the food, you find out that you can not touch it, or take a bite of it or even for the matter of fact, steal it. What will you do? That’s a scary situation but it is not what we are talking about. We are talking about the talented artist, Jacqueline Poirier’s work. Though her painting style is traditional, but not her idea of a cool canvas.

hamburger on the plate

That’s right! She paints on all sizes of ceramic plates.

peanut butter toast on the bread

And she is fabulous at making her paintings look real. Can I have that solo slice of pizza, please? It looks yummy!

slice of pizza on the plate

She can paint just about anything from food, to pets, to celebrity portraits on ceramic or porcelain plates.

fresh food on the plate

actress on the plate

artist on the plate

The artist calls her art of painting on plates as “plart” for fun. :)

🎉Happy Birthday Morgan Freeman!!!🎉 #MorganFreeman with his very own #plart – CHECK IT! #HappyBirthday #ForTheWin

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Her painted plates are kept in TOCA, a restaurant in the Ritz-Carlton in Toronto. Jacqueline works for TOCA as a full-time resident artist. Yes, she gets paid for her passion!

portrait on the plate


Her job is to create gorgeous and clever artwork on plates for restaurant’s big clientele which includes big Hollywood celebrities.


If you think painting on ceramic plates can never be a real paying job, think again!