Did Saina’s complaining tweets about being rejected for the Padma Bushan award harm her image?

Unaware that by reacting on the spur of the moment she could easily lose all the respect she has gained so far for her commendable sportsman spirit, Saina Nehwal, just like everyone else, resorted to Twitter, to rant about her disappointment for not being selected to receive the Padma Bushan award this year.

Complaining to the authorities after she read one of the TOI’s newsletters that reported Sushil Kumar will be receiving the award this year, she vented her anger on twitter.


sainas 1st tweet sainas 1st tweet contd

sainas 2nd tweetsainas 2nd tweet contd

sainas 3rd tweet

sainas 4th tweetsainas 4th tweet contd

sainas 5th tweet

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Here’s how a few of her fans responded to her tweets:

people's reaction


What do you think about what Saina did to show her disappointment? Does it show her sportsman spirit? Comment in the section below.


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