Pakistan must be very happy today with what Congress did for it

It’s a shame that we have a few people in our country who can go to any extent to criticize the present government. For these people even national security doesn’t matter.

On 31st December mid-night when the entire world was celebrating, Indian coast guards were busy protecting India from a probable 26/11 kind terror attack from Pakistan. A Pakistani boat entered Indian waters and on being warned by Indian coast guards it blew itself after a 2 hour chase by Indian coast guards.

It is worth noting that the Indian National Congress which faced a humiliating defeat in the Lok Sabha elections has been criticizing the Narendra Modi Government on everything, it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. What the party did today was shameful, it claimed that the boat which entered Indian waters on mid-night of 31st December had smugglers on board and criticized the Narendra Modi Government for taking credit for averting a terrorist attack on India.

One of the leaders of the CONgress party, tweeted this.

It would have been a lot better, if the party, which Mahatma Gandhi wanted to dissolve after getting independence, would have put the nation first. If these people will react to the matters of national security like this, then they indeed are a threat to our nation.

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