Finally a brilliant video on the rich brats who keep traveling and bragging about it

Finally there is a video I can completely relate to and actually laugh along. CollegeHumor has come up with a hilarious video along with a message for all the rich douches out there!

Let’s just face it – we all have rich friends on Facebook who keep traveling and giving unnecessary gyaan about how traveling is liberating. And this – “If traveling was free, you’d never see me again.” Too much to take in, this! So guys, here’s a bitter truth – for traveling, you need money. For money, you have to work and to work, you actually have to be present at your workplace and work. Easy peasy? There are a very limited number of leaves that you get when you’re doing a job and because of all the hard work that you do, you’ll obviously end up resting on your offs!

Whoa. Too much frustration! Check out this brilliant video here!