Frooty is hardly recognizable now! The new packaging will never remind you of your fond childhood memories

All your life you have been associating your childhood with the small tablets of Aam Pachan, colourful pack of Gems, Polo, chik-chik- Chicklets, Dairymilk chocolates, Rasna, and Frooti. frooti-family


What if we tell you Frooti is not the same! From ‘Mango Frooti fresh and juicy’ to ‘Why grow up?’, Frooti has always been your favourite. But now Frooti is going to be hard to recognize. Frooti’s news creative partner Pentagram has designed the new look of Frooti and trust us, it doesn’t look any fruity or juicy.Frooti's new design


The chances are you will still love Frooti but it will never be able to remind you of your fond childhood memories.