Reddit CEO smashes fired employee for slamming Reddit, on Reddit!

So you just got fired and you thought to take out your frustration on a social media platform? Bad decision, bruh!

This incident which happened at Reddit will change your habits of cribbing on the social media. A Reddit employee who was fired, very stupidly chose to host a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session to release his frustration.

reddit ama 650

His username on Reddit was dehrmann. So when he posted this, I’m pretty sure he had no idea that he was working for the same company. Hey, there’s a simple rule – if you a lose a job at a company, especially when it is a social media website, you do not use the same website to take out your frustration. Simple!


Especially, when you work at Reddit, and you know your CEO is Yishan Wong! What Yishan replied is pure brutal. And painful. Have a look!


Quick tip: The boss is always right. One simply doesn’t crib out the boss, right in his area!

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