20 things only an independent, career oriented woman will understand

To get success in this world is challenging, specially for women who have to be strong in every aspect of life, be it emotionally or mentally. Yes, they do break down on little things but once they are over it, they can win any battle.

However, the life of a woman swings around many things along with work. Read to know more about how they struggle to maintain the balance

1. Early morning gym
The point is along with staying active and uptight in the office you also have to stay fit and fine as it is an integral part of your personality. So, they sacrifice mornings to the gym.


2. Marriage pressure

Even after saying no 100 times to the marriage, there will be parental pressure and “Log Kya Kahenge” topics disturbing you every now and then.


3. Passion is the biggest obstacle

You are so busy chasing your passion that you lose track of other things, be it socializing or travelling or sleeping!


4. Having 2 spare bags in office

You have no clue when your boss will ring up and tell you to be ready for a presentation, hence you have to keep spare bags of clothes, shoes, make up – every thing under your table, just in case of the emergency. We’re girls after all!

lack of cloths

5. Pressurizing self

Everytime trying to be ahead of time and people is the biggest thing in a woman’s life who is busy making a successful career. They are seen putting pressure on themselves regarding everything.


6. Fit in professional clothes

Oh yes, wear it. That tie and that shirt and those pants and those skirts, even if it makes you look horrible or pathetic, you have to carry it well. After all, the corporate world wont allow you to wear yoga pants!



7. Multi-tasker, by default
A woman is a multi-tasker forever. For proof, just look through their desktop. Those multiple opened tabs will tell you the story!



8. Bad hair day, often
You don’t get time to wash your hair, you tie up a bun which turns messy by the time you reach office. It’s definitely not one of those sexy messy bun. You don’t have time to fix it and you roam in office looking like a gorilla.

bad hair


9. More coffee, less drinks
You know you are a career oriented woman when you drink more coffee than drinks. And one day you say to yourself, “Oh my God, I have grown up.”



10. Resisting free office food
Every time you see all those thin girls in your office with their burgers and pizza, you just try and resist yourself from not eating those, because they will stay fit despite eating that and you will turn fat even after avoiding it.



11. Waiting for promotion
A girl has to prove herself everywhere and still there is no guarantee of being recognized. Getting a quick promotion is the most rarest thing you will ever see.



12. E-mail at 8 clock on Fridays
Just when you cleaned your desk and was about to switch off your PC, a notification pops up which says to submit the file by tonight. Which means go out grab a cup of coffee and start working immediately.



13. Online shopping websites
Though the pay check looks small, they still manage to save a bit and hence online shopping website and their discount coupons come to their rescue!



14. Not sleeping for 8 hours and more
During those days of importance (which is almost everyday) they sacrifice their sleep just to make sure the presentation is submitted on time.



15. The dark circles which follow
And so begin the period of looking horrible. Those deep dark circles take over your beautiful eyes which makes you look like a retard and every time your mom sees that she will be like stop working right now!

rolling eyes


16. Raise? It’s a dare
You know you are working the most, you know you only are finishing work before time but when it comes to demand a raise, you will be standing last in the line. You know the typical answers “Mehnat karo pehle“, As if you don’t know!

american pie


17. Unnecessary networking
You do not like half of your colleagues, but what to do, it’s office culture. You have to talk to them, irrespective of your liking. Sometimes you feel like shooting yourself, right?



18. Vacation? What is that?
When somebody says vacation you look for the word in dictionary. You actually have forgotten how it feels like to be on a break.



19. Making more money than the partner
If at all you make more cash then your partner, sometimes your life looks like a living hell. Questions like “so what if you make more money?” or “I know this is not you, but the money which is speaking”, actually motivates you to run away.



20. Balancing life
You are just not a working lady. You have to balance between home, love, friends, work, personal life everything.


But that is the beauty of woman that even after managing so much, they are rarely seen complaining about their problems. Is there anything else you deal with along with so many other things? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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