Bet you didn’t know about these bizarre reasons of getting raped in India

In a country like India, where women were once considered as goddesses, are today fighting for their right to freedom. As the rape incidents are on hike, the pending files on rape cases are just occupying the official cupboards. The action is taken only on papers and not further. It can be said that, India is the world capital of rape.

Rape stats in India

When we say right to freedom, one has a complete right to be comfortable in his/her outfit and also has the complete right to go wherever he/she likes. Strangely though, in India a woman is blamed for her rape and not the rapist.To the politicians of the world’s largest democracy we have given the responsibility of governing and moulding the nation for a better place to live. But, what are they doing? They are just digging a hole to the path which leads the nation to the third world of darkness.

If this was not enough, we have politicians like Vibha Rao who in spite being a woman, has something outrageous like this to say:

Vibha Rao on rapes

If  you’re disgusted after her comment, you’re yet to puke. See what our CBI Director has to say on rapes:

CBI Director on rapes

Watch this video and see what other politicians have to say about the freedom of Indian women and their own involvement in the rape. Are Indian women still not freed from those ridiculous comments and blame games which don’t even hold any truth? Are we really an independent nation? Please put forward your views on this issue.

Please watch this video by Logical Retards and share it to the extent where politicians might question their self intellect.

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Written by Bhakti Patel