15 reasons why travelling alone is liberating!

We spend most of our lives saying “we don’t have time” or, “we are too busy with work” for things that bring happiness the most in life and traveling is one of them. We have seen many people putting away experiences which could bring peace, love, learning and mostly, spirituality to our souls.

Here are some of the reasons we want you to make a promise to yourself to never put travelling secondary in life.

1. You will love the freedom travelling empowers you with.
There are so many things we wish to do but we can’t, for multiple reasons. When you travel alone, you could be that someone you always wished for.


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2. Every co-passenger becomes a friend when you are alone.
When we travel with company, we restrict ourselves from opening up to someone new. Hence, closed vibes! Travelling alone rids us of our own hang ups.

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3. It helps you sync with your environment
You can experience real travelling by cutting from all the noise which sometimes people bring to you.

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4. You will learn a lot about yourself.
Travelling opens up your heart. You will know a lot about yourself being alone becoming a part of a beautiful scenery.

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5. You experience culture intensely.
Travelling all by yourself will teach a lot about different cultures from the places you travel.

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6. You will be able to find your real travel mate.
A few trips alone to your favorite destinations will reward you with real friends to travel with.


7. You will enjoy being yourself.
If you don’t want to do something, you won’t! From not taking a bath to booking a session with the hotel’s yoga experts, to having fun with the locals. Just anything!

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8. You will become your creative best.
You will return feeling motivated to work and this time with fresher perspective and more ideas.

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9. Believe in kindness restored!
You will learn to respect and love the kind things that local people or other traveling companions will do to you.


10. You will stop being a brat, if you are one.
You will learn to respect everyone.

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11. You will understand the true definition of independence in life
The-always-calling-your-dad-to-pick-you-up- from-station version of you will turn into an independent badass traveler.


12. You will open yourself to new experiences in life.
Meeting new people, going to new places, discovering uncharted water, dressing up like localities and more will bring a feeling of accomplishment to you.

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13. You will learn to accept challenges, failures and disappointments in life
If things won’t go as planned you will learn to accept that all this is a part of life.

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14. You will become a more patient and controlled person in life.
You will learn to take things as they come with time.

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15. You will feel comfortable being out of your comfort zone
You will never know what comfort zone is.


So now save up for your first alone trip and become liberated!