Here’s the most hilarious take on why most of us could never understand finance news channels!

This funny video smartly sums up that a lot many people who we see watching any sort of Finance News really do not understand it completely for shit’s sake. The funny video includes two news anchors who do not like each other, an interview with an Old Guy from Cheaty Bank who wants to get laid with the hot shot news anchor and a stock exchange expert from Lovely Professional University who is still in his puberty. 

The video hilariously points out what News Channels mostly do with excerpts like –

“Words like Beating, Bloodbath and Massacre are good for ratings. “

“I don’t know why I have gone to a still image. “

“And if the rates are cut it will be worse if the rates are cut”

“Government fiscal policy BIG WORD BIG WORD”

“Recognize BUZZWORDS BUZZWORDS of what it takes”