18 reasons why road trips are the best with your friends

You can’t stop taking the wheel and heading to the mountains and if your best buddies tag along, then nothing like it! The more great friends together, the merrier will be your road-trip! Isn’t it? Before you think if you should take your friends along with you, let us tell you the reasons why you must!

1. You will have the best time with your friends
What fun will you have sitting alone on your road-trip?! Take your good friends along!
road trip

2. You can do all crazy stuff together
What’s the point in taking friends on a long and not acting crazy!?

3. You can click 100s of pictures
You can hardly click yourself with brilliant views alone except the selfies but with friends you could as many pictures as you want!
bimbos on road

4. You have the same music taste so no fights over music
Enjoy brilliant music together! Some guns and roses and some hindi Sufis ;)
Hair flip

5. You can get drunk without being scared of your safety
Get drunk at the local dhaba and let the sober friend drive till you get your senses back!
sleeping in car

6. You can take turns driving
You won’t get tired of driving and your back also won’t hurt too much.

7. You will have just enough food to eat
You know everybody likes to take a tuck of food a long so you will never run out of something to snack on!

8. Feel the wind on your face
There is nothing like feeling the cool fresh air of the Himalayas on your face.

hair on face

9. You can explore places with friends
You sure can’t get down at a cool spot with your parents because they will always be scared of everybody’s safety but with friends you can be adventurous.

10. Your budget will be under control
With friends pooling in for gas, food and lodging you will never go beyond the set budget.

11. You could do the good old ‘singalong’ on your favorite songs

You could enjoy singing your favorite songs with your friends on the trip.

12. Many phones equal many ways to being accessible
You not just can click pictures with so many phones, but you could also ensure you let your dear ones know about your whereabouts.

13. You get to enjoy the nature
Need we say more?

14. Your friends are with you so you can be just yourself
You could just be yourself with your friends.
roadtrips and bitches

15. You won’t have to narrate the adventurous stories about the trip
Aren’t we right?

16. You will get to choose who can go along with you
This is the best reason! You don’t have to go with anyone you don’t like. You are the boss and you get to choose your friends who you love to travel with. No office jerks!

17. You can choose to not take a bath
Because you got your best friends along, you can just be dirty and unshaved and you still are accepted.
driving in night

18. You can have that romantic moment too
Nothing like spending a romantic moment and saying those three words on your road trip!
sunset roadtrip
If you have any other reason to share with us, please do! Wish you a great road-trip!


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