Rajdeep Sardesai assaulted a Narendra Modi fan outside MSG. Here’s the proof

Do you think it was a Modi fan who assaulted Rajdeep Sardesai? If your answer is yes, then you aren’t alone as yesterday certain section of the media was trying to show the incomplete picture to show Narendra Modi fans in the bad light.

The incident happened after Rajdeep Sardesai tried to ask a few questions to enthusiastic Narendra Modi fans, who shouted “Rajdeep Murdabad” which is very much visible in this 3 minute video.

The 2nd video which appeared yesterday is of 11 seconds, which shows incomplete picture.

Here is the video where Rajdeep Sardesai can be seen abusing Narendra Modi fans

Here is the video which will help you decide who assaulted whom. I can clearly see that it was Rajdeep Sardesai who called one of the Modi fans an asshole then assaulted him.

Golden Words from Rajdeep Sardesai
1. Did Narendra Modi teach you to behave like this?
2. Did Narendra Modi tell you to behave like this?
3. Aapke paas paisa hai class nahi hai
4. Asshole

If you are on of those who were supporting Rajdeep Sardesai on Facebook and Twitter, then it’s time to show people the complete truth and let them decide who was wrong, and if you are were supporting that Narendra Modi fan who was assaulted by Rajdeep Sardesai then, here’s some concrete evidence for you.

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