16 reasons which make Beer so lovable!

Beer is the oldest fermented drink in the world, so it shouldn’t be surprising that over the years Beer drinkers have been increasing, and so is the love for it. We asked a few of our Beer lovers why they adore Beer so much and here is what they had to say.

1. One word – Taste!
It’s like bitter-gourd, it takes time to adapt the bittersweet taste of Beer, but once you get the hang of it no other drink sounds so appealing

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2. You are in no hurry and neither is Beer
Beer is a lifetime partner and hence it takes you to ecstasy gradually. ;)


3. It’s a casual open relation
No one is judging you when you are alone with a Beer and it doesn’t get jealous if you want more than one can.

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4. No walk of shame, it won’t make you throw up
It’s hard enough to make you high, but not rough to make you lose control. You still have the reigns. Usually everyone can handle beer. Usually!

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5. The perfect drink with dads
What better way to bond with him? Remember the small sips from his glass?

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6. Beer won’t judge you based on your wallet size
It’s easy on your pockets, if one goes, another is there chilling for you in the fridge.


7. Hot summer day – you know you want it!
No matter how hot you get during summers, it’s the best drink to cool you down. What else looks attractive with a cold personality?

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8. Ideal partner for a game night
Which drink appreciates sports like you do? Which sports lover doesn’t appreciate Beer?

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9. Variety and no compromise
You have Beer for everything. A totally different kind, a totally different flavor. Take your pick.

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10. It’s the best ice breaker at parties!
Never say no to Beer, especially when she offers.


11. One of the best comfort food. Yes, I said food.
Heartbreaks? Failures? Broke? Short term solution – Beer.

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12. It is for everyone.
Yes, you can find loopholes for having it.

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13. How else do you plan to forget that awful day?
Because, Beer is always there – irrespective of the level of awfulness of your day!

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14. Which other drink has such a fun game around it?
Beer Pong, Beer Chug or just make your own!

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15. We all have seen the Beer ads, haven’t we?
They are unique and funny.


16. So sit back and enjoy your drink!
So could I! Somebody please pass me a Beer, right away!

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Do you have your own reasons for your Beer love? I’d love to know in the comments section below. Meanwhile, happy drinking, people ;)

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