10 reasons why people enjoy live-in relationships!

Meeting up with your partner after travelling a particular distance kills the charm of romance and excitement. I have often come across couples who would die to shift their lives into a live-in relationship mode. Experts say this step is not healthy for couples who wish to marry each other, but who cares of tomorrow man? Let’s enjoy today!

Yes, it is awesome to find out why some of the crazy couples would die to move in with their lovers. They take pleasure in these following reasons:

1. You get to decide whether you both are going to be lifelong partners, friends or maybe not even that.


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2. You both save money by sharing a house.


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3. Practically, you start living under one roof without owing any marriage vows and that’s really awesome!


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4. There is zero social pressure from family and the society.


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5. You and your partner can virtually learn the challenging tasks of a  married life, make a toss and decide who saved whom.


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6. You can express your love to each other wherever you wish. At home, obviously. You know what I mean! ;)

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7. There are no unwanted guests at the house – until you throw a party and everything goes wrong!

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8. If marriage is not your cup of tea, then live-in relationship is the place to breath heaven.

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9. Your house is a mess? Not to worry, as nobody gives a damn about it!


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10. Sex –> Bathe together –> Breakfast –> Office –> College –> Lunch –> Evening Romance –> Shopping –> Dinner on the terrace –> TV –> Sex : Here is your ideal day. What else one can one possibly ask for? :P

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I loved every reason to be in a live-in relationship. So, I am going to share this with my ‘couple’ friends. I bet, they would be indebted to me and it’s pretty sure they would love the #10th point. How about you?

If I have missed any crazy reasons, let me know in the comments section below and do not forget to share this with your cupid stuck friends ;)

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