Micro dwellings of Hong Kong – reality or another passing fad?

Necessity is the mother of all inventions, they say, and micro dwelling is a necessity in the crammed city of Hong Kong. The city has instances of as many as 4 people living under as less as 30 sq. Ft. Designers are working on designing liveable spaces for families where each person can have maximum space and privacy.

Micro-dwellings or small house movement are architectural and social movement which started for dwelling in simple and small houses. It was popularized mainly after the deflation that hit almost the whole world. The unreal increase in the prices of commodities, especially real estate has sprung the need for micro dwellings.

Hong Kong is one of the highly populated and most expensive places to live where the awareness and availability of tiny houses have become a must. The latest being architect Gary Chang, whose video of the ‘transformer home’ on YouTube that has given the movement some more perspective. You can watch the video here.

Crammed neighbourhoods in Hong Kong are being transformed into smart micro dwellings that can give a better quality of living in all kinds of aspects – less maintenance, simpler living and ecological aspects to name a few.


Micro dwellings have been popular all over the world, although this is still an alien concept in India at large. But it is safe to say that the concept has seeped into the real estate sector through the idea of studio apartments. India is not far behind China when it comes to over-populated cities with costs of living.

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If developed at large, this concept can do wonders to cities like Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi, Ahmedabad and many other towns in India, which are already running out of space for the population to occupy. Although there will have to be strict supervision in the construction of micro dwellings because we already have buildings collapsing due to over-population and we don’t want a beneficial concept like this to be surrounded by controversy.

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Not to mention, these can be a relief to those who come to the city seeking education and jobs who need housing facilities without hurting their pockets.


But all said and done, Indians have mastered the art of ‘adjusting’ from over-flowing local trains to crowded homes. So even if tiny houses take time to be popularized here, it should be fine – we’ll ‘adjust’ till then!

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